This is a photo shoot I did with my lovely siblings: Sonia & Jakub at the end of this past summer. I had an idea to take some pictures at this abandoned gas station at sunset, with all the warm colors of a beautiful, late summer evening. When we got to the station the sun just disappeared behind the clouds and wouldn't come out before awaking a new day on the other side of the globe. I was pretty disappointed with the conditions and was ready to pack my gear and go home, but my sibling wouldn't let me, and now I'm very thankful for that. Luckily I had my trusted strobist kit: a 580EX II with a wireless trigger on a stand with a shoot-through umbrella. We had a lot of fun exploring the abandoned gas station and were able to get some cool shots with only this one light source.


Anonymous said...

no no, Filip...
widze ze sporo sie rozwinales od czasu kiedy sie ostatnio widzielismy :)
zdjecia sa fenomenalne !

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